July 28th, 2014


do guys sit around hoping that a girls dupatta or bangles will get caught in their sherwani or is that just not a thing

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July 27th, 2014

"you look hot enough to cook a pizza on" is a good compliment to give a girl, right?

July 26th, 2014


“Lets take this to the bedroom…”

I say as I carry my plate of Birayni to my room.

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July 25th, 2014

My only goal in life as a londoner is to be someone’s rush hour crush in the metro newspaper.

July 8th, 2014

Neymar is sitting at home thinking to himself, “I could’ve had a fucking hatrick by now!”


The best sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it on Facebook.

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June 27th, 2014


I’ll finger you in the back of an art gallery.

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June 23rd, 2014
Human attitudes toward death are perplexing… too much importance is placed on it. There seem to be countless rituals and cultural beliefs designed to alleviate their fear of a simple biological truth: all organisms eventually perish.
Seven of Nine
June 21st, 2014


Only fall in love with people who have a red line under their name on Microsoft Word.

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